Olivier Reymond

On our way to being a mutual company

By Olivier Raymond, Royal Canin Foundation President

What is the purpose behind the creation of the Royal Canin Foundation?At Royal Canin, we strongly believe that pets make the world better for people, so we have made it our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. To share widely our belief, we wanted to shine a light on some concrete projects highlighting the benefits of cats and dogs to human health and welfare. So, this is a way to make a difference in the lives of both pets and humans? This is our way to say thank you to pets, and also promote the key role they play in society. With the Royal Canin Foundation, we put our purpose into practice and support initiatives that positively impact our wider ecosystem. Our ambition is to create value for our stakeholders and be a more responsible and mutual company. What is the role of partners in the company’s purpose and in the Foundation? Royal Canin is a purpose-led organization working on an ongoing basis with pet professional partners, such as breeders or veterinarians, to exchange ideas and results and to support them in their daily activities. Since strong relationships with key stakeholders are integral to Royal Canin’s business and operations, the company naturally integrated this model to help solve meaningful challenges in the ecosystem. Having pets recognized for the positive effects they can bring to human health and welfare is one of these meaningful challenges. That’s why it is so important to work with our partners in raising awareness of the role of cats and dogs in society. How is the Foundation linked to Royal Canin’s Mutuality approach? Mutuality is one of our Five Principles at Mars and part of how we measure and perceive our performance. Our prosperity is not measured solely by the financial profit we make but also by the mutual benefits we create for all our stakeholders. That’s why the Royal Canin Foundation is linked to this innovative management. Through this organization, we create value for our partners and spread awareness of the importance of pets in society. As a company, we are not focusing on profit for profit; instead, we want to leave our legacy and make a difference in human health and welfare by supporting meaningful projects worldwide that work toward this purpose.