The Royal Canin Foundation Story

The Royal Canin Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting projects that highlight the positive role of pets in human health and welfare.

  • At the core of the Royal Canin Foundation is our belief that pets make our life better. And indeed, for centuries, cats and dogs were great companions to humans and today are even considered family members. They are fantastic playmates, stand by our side when we need comfort and give us unconditional love. Nowadays the health, psychological and social benefits they have on us are widely acknowledged. Disease detection, purring therapy, assistance to the disabled or rescuers in disasters, our four legged companions are even heroes saving lives.

    It’s undeniable: pets truly make the world a better place and that’s what inspired our Royal Canin’s purpose: ”A better world for pets”. To show to the world the many benefits cats and dogs have on our health and lives and promote their positive role in society, we wanted to go even further and created the Royal Canin Foundation in December 2020.

  • The Royal Canin Foundation was created to highlight the positive role of cats and dogs in our lives by investing in some projects where pets contribute to improve human health and welfare. It has set three focus areas:

    • The health and welfare of the working dogs
    • Pets in support of medical health
    • Pets in support of human mental health

    With the Royal Canin Foundation, we aim to create long-term value to the Society and to human health.The projects that qualify to be supported cover crucial areas like disease detection, assistance dogs or therapeutic pets.

    The Royal Canin Foundation focus areas aim to increase knowledge in terms of the human/pet relationship and more globally the human/pet interaction in working situations. The knowledge and research gained from the selected projects will then be shared globally to ultimately benefit pets.

  • The Royal Canin Foundation will ensure that all the funds granted to the beneficiaries will be used in accordance with the commitment taken.

    As such, some regular reviews – twice a year - will be performed. The foundation will also issue every year financial statements which will be approved by statutory auditors.

  • The Royal Canin Foundation Board is an independent governance and decision-making team, with a president, a treasurer and a secretary in its initial structure.

    The Board defines objectives, brings functional and business expertise and perspective, allocates budgets and ensures adherence to Royal Canin Foundation Purpose, Foundation’s objectives, Ethics and Compliance standards.

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