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Loïc Moutault

The role of our associates in our purpose

Interview of Loïc Moutault, CEO Royal Canin: “ We want our employees, which we refer to as Associates, to feel a sense of ownership concerning the Foundation. They lead our progress daily and are a fundamental part of our focus to be... ”

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Olivier Reymond

On our way to be a mutual company

Interview of Olivier Raymond, Royal Canin Foundation President: “ At Royal Canin, we strongly believe that pets make the world better for people, so we have made it our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. To share widely our belief, we wanted to... ”

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Fabrice Mathieu

The many benefits of pets in our lives

Interview of Fabrice Mathieu, Royal Canin Foundation Administrator: “ Having an animal at home is considered beneficial on many levels – for the pet, the owner, and the community at large. And these benefits can increasingly be supported by... ”

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